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How many people ? How old ? When? Why ? How much does it cost ? 
If you want to know the size of the teams, the prices, the age limits ... The answer should be below.
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Where are we located?

The address: Rue du Mouton Blanc, 24 - 4000 Liège (3rd floor). 
Evasion Room's venue is located in the pedestrian city-center in Liège. We're on the 3rd floor of the building opposite a shoe-shop, 20 metres away from Cathedral square, a few meters before the Churchill Cinema.

Our prices and booking?

  • 2 players = 68€ (34€ x 2)
  • 3 players = 81€ (27€ x 3)
  • 4 players = 96€ (19€ x 4)
  • 5 players = 105€ (21€ x 5)
  • 6 players = 114€ (19€ x 6)

a 2€ discount applies for each student under the age of 26.
Although we do not recommend it for the quality of the game and the comfort of players, we do accept, upon request, a 7th player in the Chicago or the 70's Hold Up rooms for an additionnal fee of 10€ (this would be especially less suitable for teams of large and tall people)

For reservations, please consult our booking calendar.
Once you have selected your time range, you will be asked to complete your name, e-mail and phone number. Then click on "Please select if you agree to our terms and conditions" to accept our terms and conditions.

As soon as the payment has been made, a confirmation message will be sent to you (Do not forget to check your spam)

What is the recommended number of players?

  • Our room "Chicago 1930" is planned for teams of 3 to 6 people, given the complexity of the puzzles.
  • The second Asian room "The Mystery of Hikikomori" is specially designed for small teams, from 2 to 3 people.
  • The last room with the "70's Hold-up" is taking place in the town of Liège  can hold a maximum of 6 people.

If you ever have a group that is more than 6, it is possible to take several rooms at the same time. Please contact us by email: info@evasionroom.com

What are the restrictions to participate in the adventure ?

There is no age limit! However, we advise children aged 9-15 to be accompanied by an adult. The main reason is the complexity of the game. Pregnant women can also enjoy the experience. The game has no physical challenges or scary content. 

Moreover, the rooms are quite spacious, but the experience may be different depending on the degree of claustrophobia. It is possible to sit in each room and it is possible to leave the room at any time

How to offer a gift code?

To give a good gift, go to the following link a gift voucher.

How long does the activity last?

The entire experience lasts 80-90 minutes:

First, a short briefing to explain the rules of the game. About 60 minutes in the room (the maximum time allowed)
After your escape, a short moment to share the experience and take a souvenir photo.

Please arrive on time for the session. In case of delay, remember to call us at the following number: +32 474 / 12.29.28

PRM Accessibility

Unfortunately the rooms are located on the 3rd floor and the building does not have a lift.

What time should I arrive on D-Day ?

Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before the reservation time, as we have limited space in the waiting room.
Be aware that any delay will penalize the following teams, so try to arrive at the agreed time.
If for any reason you are late, please contact us on +32 0476/82.18.42

When you arrive at Evasion Room:

Ring on the Evasion Room intercom and a game master will be happy to welcome you.
24, Rue du Mouton Blanc / 4000, Liège (Proximity "Place de la Cathédrale")

In case of cancellation or withdrawal?

Cancellation or modification requests should always be sent by e-mail. In case of cancellation or modification within a period of at least 7 calendar days before the reserved session, the customer will be reimbursed up to 85% of the amount of the order, and the company will retain 15% of the amount as administrative costs.

In case of cancellation or modification within a period of between 2 and 6 calendar days before the reserved session, the customer will be reimbursed up to 50% of the amount of the order. In case of cancellation less than 2 days before the reserved session, no refund will be possible.

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